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Welcome to Interlock!

What is a handbook?

The Interlock handbook is the central guide for how we run things. As part of our value of being transparent, the handbook is open to the world. We welcome feedback, and contributions, so please click to edit and suggest improvements throughout these pages.


The Interlock handbook is inspired by the GitLab team handbook and resources from YCombinator. It shares the same advantages and will probably undergo a similar evolution.

While GitLab's handbook inspires this handbook, it is nowhere near as complete (yet!) We will continue adding and updating this handbook and gradually integrating information from Interlock's knowledge base as time and growth permits.

Handbook style guide


Headings help readers scan content to find what they need easily. Organize page content using clear headings specific to the topic they describe.

Keep headings brief and organize them in a logical order:

  • H1: Page title
  • H2: Main headings
  • H3: Subheadings
  • H4: Sub-subheadings (headings nested under subheadings)

Try to stay within three or four heading levels. Complicated documents may use more, but pages with a simpler structure are easier to read.

Contributing to the handbook

To contribute to a handbook page:

  1. Click "Edit this page."
  2. Make your changes in the browser(The language is Markdown).
  3. Click "Propose changes."
  4. Click "Create pull request."

All done!