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What is Interlock?

Introducing Interlock, revolutionary blockchain-based security solutions for individuals and enterprises, forging a safer internet. Our AI-driven security product, ThreatSlayer, defends against browser attacks while rewarding users with $ILOCK for sharing security data. We monetize the shared security data in the $11 billion yearly B2B threat intel market, creating a first-of-its-kind crowdsourced threat intelligence, along with a suite of enterprise security products.

Addressing a Persistent Threat: Phishing Attacks

For more than two decades, phishing attacks have been a significant threat to online security, causing financial harm. In Web3, the risk is even more substantial, with a single click potentially leading to the loss of digital assets. In 2022, $9.7 billion was stolen in crypto hacks and scams.

Leveraging Web3 to Solve Legacy Web2 Threats

Interlock’s AI-powered security extension ThreatSlayer, is a free, enterprise-grade security extension that protects against browser-based threats, phishing attacks, and bad downloads. You can add it to your Chrome, Brave, Edge, or Opera browser, and from there it runs quietly in the background, scanning visited websites and locking down potentially dangerous pages.

With the future version of ThreatSlayer, users will earn $ILOCK tokens for sharing anonymized security data and staking tokens on misclassified pages. AI and human interaction together create smarter security products, preventing zero-day attacks and better security for all network participants. This incentivized security approach enables a stronger network, product, and safer internet for everyone.

Key Achievements

Interlock stands at the forefront of innovative cybersecurity. The Interlock team, consisting of Y-Combinator graduates and tech marketing experts, brings extensive B2B marketing and sales experience

Interlock released ThreatSlayer beta, boasting 30,000+ weekly users Secured $2.8 million in seed funding from investors like Outlier Ventures, Max Stealth, Fish Dao, Pluto Capital, and more Recognized on Entrepreneur's "Elevator Pitch”

About $ILOCK

The $ILOCK utility token fuels our ecosystem of security products, fostering a collaborative security model by incentivizng network particpants to share seucrity data.

View token supply, vesting and distribution here

Support & Bug reports

We are available to chat in our Discord or Telegram, if you would like to ask any questions or just talk to the developers about how great their day is today 😃 As for bug reports, please use the Issues tab and create a new issue, whether it's a typo in the white paper or you want something added/removed.

The Team

  • Rick Deacon - rickdeaconx - Project Owner & CEO
  • Nick Z - galactic-beyond - Project Owner & Principal Engineer
  • Andy Ciacca - andycheech - Chief of Marketing
  • Blair Munro - blairmunroakusa - Software Engineer
  • Treva T. - treevuhh - Chaos Operations Coordinator
  • Chris - @AlephSuper - Ambassador Program Manager
  • @Levii - Community Manager
  • @ReuX - Community Manager